Permanent, High-Performance, Washable

Anti-Fog Coating

Superior anti-fogging that is human-safe and eco-friendly

actnano’s unique anti-fog technology helps maintain light transmission and optical clarity in aggressive conditions. Our innovative optical coatings are fluorine and halogen free and are highly durable. They can withstand demanding use, extreme temperatures, humidity, UV exposure, and regular contact and cleaning.

Safety & Reliability

  • Clarity of inputs into sensor systems
  • Visibility to operate vehicles
  • Reliable security and monitoring
  • Safety equipment, medical applications

Energy & Efficiency

  • EV range improvement
  • Solar arrays efficiency
  • Greenhouse panels
  • Cold retail case savings

Convenience & Delight

  • Mobile devices we use daily
  • Eyewear and sports equipment
  • Architectural glass and mirrors
  • Decorative high-gloss surfaces

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