3-D Surface Protection Technology

The Global Leader in Nano Coating

actnano is a revolutionary nanotechnology company that enables the protection of a variety of materials from water damage and harsh environmental conditions. Specializing in automotive and consumer electronics, our thin-film coatings, called Advanced nanoGUARD can be applied to the full PCBA including connectors, and provide up to IPx8 protection levels. Solutions can be integrated easily into existing manufacturing lines by our expert, regional engineering teams.



Advanced nanoGUARD is currently protecting critical electronic components for the world’s leading automotive brands. Our ultra-thin coatings provide new levels of protection for components such as media control units, wireless chargers, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and control modules. Advanced nanoGUARD is applied over the entire PCBA, including connectors, and enables better protection and operational savings from traditional conformal coatings.


Consumer Electronics

Advanced nanoGUARD provides unique value in consumer electronics applications. Our nanotech solutions protect all PCBAs and connectors and can be applied to flexible printed circuits that have a 180-degree bend. ANG does not interfere with Wi-Fi or RF signals and has achieved IPx8 protection levels in customer devices. Customer applications include mobile phones, headphones, wearables and whited goods such as refrigerators and dishwashers.


Smart Home

The Internet of Things ecosystem fundamentally exists in the harsh environment of rain, dirt, humidity and salt. To survive these conditions, a protection system is needed that can provide complete protection on all circuits and connectors without compromising connectivity. ANG provides complete protection for applications such as smart meters, video doorbells and security systems.

Our Technology

Advanced nanoGUARD (ANG) is the only thin film polymer that can be applied on the entire PCBA including the connectors which provides higher levels of protection and lowers operational costs.