Supercomputers On Wheels

Supercomputers On Wheels: Creating Safe, Smart Vehicles For Consumers

Every year, cars begin to look more and more like highly complex computer systems on wheels, but does smarter always mean safer? In his first feature Forbes article, Taymur Ahmad advocates to ensure basic protections are not overlooked as companies focus on implementing innovative new software and hardware features. Read More..

Automotive Industries

"Seat belt" for electronic components

As automobiles begin to resemble moving servers (when we reach L4/L5) without the benefit of controlled environmental conditions, condensation is a severe threat to the long-term reliability of these systems. It's a serious issue in the safety of AVs. Automotive Industries asked Taymur Ahmad, CEO of actnano, why the waterproofing of electronics is so important. Read More..

Electronic spill prevention

Business First: Start Me Up featured on NBC

Angela Miles and Taymur Ahmad discuss actnano's life-saving technology and how we help keep vehicle occupants safe. Read More..

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Condensation: The Hidden Vehicle Failure Mode

We can’t design tomorrow’s vehicles with yesterday’s technology. The good news is there have been significant advances in PCBA coatings. The capability now exists for developers to protect connectors and antennas, as well as the underside of large components without negatively impacting thermals, electrical performance, RF performance, or signal integrity Read More..


Goodbye Short Circuits, actnano Can Waterproof All Your Electronics – Autoline Exclusives

No one would dream of dumping a motherboard in a bucket of water. Except actnano. It’s developed a nano-based waterproofing compound that can seal all electric and electronic components. Read More..

Q4 2020 Mobility Tech Social Cards

Q1 2021 Emerging Tech Research: Mobility Tech

Our just released Q1 Mobility Tech report explores VC trends in transportation and profiles promising startups Read More..