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The US EPA recently updated drinking water health advisories for PFOA and PFOS to advise that negative health effects may occur even when detected in water at concentration levels near zero. Many traditional coatings contain these harmful chemicals or produce them as a by-product in their production process.

Advanced nanoGUARD does not contain any PFOA or PFOS and these compounds are not created in the synthesis of our nanocoatings. Only actnano offers a 100% fluorine-free solution that is REACH and RoHS compliant and provides 3-D PCBA protection.

Learn more about the dangers of PFAS in the 2019 film Dark Waters.

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CHIP Magazine is one of Germany’s oldest computer magazines.

actnano is featured in the "Green Chips" section, which focuses on sustainability. (Note: article is written in German) 

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Piper Sandler Mobility Technology Newsletter, November 2022

The Piper Sandler mobility technology newsletter provides our readership with current events within the broader mobility technology space. This month’s “CEO’s Desk” features comments from Taymur Ahmad, founder and CEO of Actnano Inc.. 

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