Smart protection solutions for

Smart Home

Everyday our homes are becoming smarter and more connected. Maintaining a controlled environment inside is easy, while outside mother nature challenges our technology with rain, dirt, humidity, salt and fluctuating temperatures. To survive these conditions, a protection system is needed that can provide complete protection on all circuits and connectors without compromising connectivity. Advanced nanoGUARD (ANG) provides complete protection for many applications including video doorbells, security systems, smart meters and more.

Video Doorbells

ANG provides a unique solution for video doorbells and security cameras. Our thin coatings are able to protect from harsh environmental conditions, IPx6 water tests and meet all IPC-830 standards. The nano thin coating protects critical parts of the camera module, unlocks thin design possibilities, allows heat dissipation and prevents degradation to Wi-Fi signals and sound quality.

Home Security

Outdoor security cameras face the harshest weather conditions and must be 100% reliable for the safety of your family or business. Traditional protection methods such as conformal coatings or vacuum deposited coatings are inadequate for the protection that is required. These methods are also limiting as OEMs seek to develop thinner and sleeker designs. Advanced nanoGUARD, which can be applied on all parts of the electronics including the connectors, is the only solution that works and that can also enable the design flexibility customers want.

Additional Solutions


Consumer Electronics