"ACTnano's broad spectrum of Advanced nanoGUARD nanocoatings provide manufacturers of everything from textiles to consumer electronics with coating solutions that prevent water, oil, and dirt damage and reduce corrosion rates."

Our Technology

Nanocoating Portfolio

Advanced nanoGUARD (ANG) nanocoatings offer clients a broad spectrum of water, oil, dirt, and corrosion-resistance solutions, each one of which has been specifically engineered to work with specific substrates (everything from electronics to textiles) to solve real-world challenges such as water submersion protection (IPx7) for mobile devices, stain protection for textiles or easy to clean glass.

Protection Performance

In combination with our patent pending application methods, ANG provides the highest level of protection available. We can enable any mobile device to survive accidental submersion for 30 min (IPx7) and can protect wearable technologies from sweat for 100 hours. Our coatings meet these challenges while remaining breathable and benign to electrical contacts without interfering with the aesthetics or physical function of the products. Because of its nanoscale application, ANG is completely undetectable by the human senses of sight, touch, and smell.

Application Methods

There are numerous methods for applying ANG. It can be applied by simple, inexpensive manual methods, such as spraying and wiping, or it can be applied by precision mechanical equipment, such as robotic fluid dispensing equipment (e.g., Nordson ASYMTEK machines). If the customer already has such equipment, it can be inexpensively retrofitted with new nozzles that will allow it to dispense ANG. Cure times for ANG depend on the formula and range from minutes to twenty-four hours. Although some ANG application processes call for heat treatment for maximum effectiveness, most ANG formulas cure at room temperature.


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